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Pioneers in Load Pull, Harmonic Load Pull and Noise Measurement solutions and Tuner Technology.

Inventors of all Harmonic and MPT tuners

(32 issued patents and 23 pending).

Offering the widest impedance tuner range in industry: Ultra-wideband (10MHz-67GHz coax, -110/220GHz WG), High VSWR (>100:1), Multi-harmonic (2fo,3fo,4fo), High Power (>500W).

• We bring Ideas to the service of our Customers.

• Our Customers testify

ElectroRent: Focus' Exclusive Partner in USA and Canada

Latest News


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Focus with Rohde & Schwarz organize Russia Seminars

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Spring Tuner System Promotion 2-3/14

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• Focus presents two papers at RFIC 2014

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• Additional Engineering Skills

• Latest Customer feedback

• Focus receives patent on harmonic tuning

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• Our Customers report: MPT handles 700W CW

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 All Focus products are developed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada.

LabView Certified Tuner Drivers

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 Hybrid Active Harmonic Load Pull