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We are looking for

1. Title: Engineer for RF transistor modelling

Start date: As soon as possible

Salary: to be discussed


 Required Qualifications / Profile


The candidate must have relevant experience in using and developing nonlinear (compact) transistor models. He/She must have scientific experience and own a Master and several years of experience or (preferably) a PhD in this domain.

 • Candidate must hold a Doctorate in device modelling

• Professional teaching experience (industrial or academic)

• Relevant background knowledge in development of nonlinear compact transistor models
• Basic knowledge of C++/C#/ Visual Basic programming languages

• Extensive Knowledge of National Instruments LabView and Matlab

• Extended knowledge of simulation tools such as HFSS, ADS, and other simulation tools

• Extensive knowledge of Load Pull measurements

• Hands-on experience with RF test instruments such as Vector Network Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meters and High-speed Oscilloscope

• Excellent team work and communication skills

• Mastery of English (both written and oral) and knowledge of French  

 Job Description

 A qualified candidate will be expected to work, under the direction of an engineering supervisor, on developing a compact model generation engine for use with an existing pulsed IV measurement system.  Such model generation includes development of algorithms for calculating and simulating the current and voltage responses with respect to impedance changes of the transistor under test.  Such algorithms should employ the harmonic balance method as well as other standard optimization techniques.  Additionally, the generated models should be applicable to a variety of transistor types, capture both linear and nonlinear responses, and be importable into other simulation tools (such as SPICE).  Additionally, the qualified candidate would be expected to work with other engineers to develop a method of model validation that uses the existing Focus harmonic load pull system.  Lastly, the candidate would be expected to instruct existing engineering staff in the theory and practical usage of the new compact model generation system. Strategically, the aim of this work is to develop a full compact modelling system that is fully integrated with the existing Focus pulsed IV and load pull systems.

Job Location: Montreal, Québec, Canada
Position Type: Full-time/regular hours



Please send your candidature to Nina diMaria:


2. Inside Sales Associate / Montreal

 We are looking for a talented and competitive Inside Sales Representative that thrives in a quick sales cycle environment.  

The successful candidate will play a fundamental role in achieving our ambitious customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives.

You must be comfortable making dozens of calls per day, working with channel partners, generating interest, qualifying prospects and closing sales.

You must have experience working with

Please send your candidature to Vince Mallette:


3. Electronic Engineer (high speed pulser systems) / Montreal

The candidate must have

- Experience/knowledge in power electronics (switching MOSFET).

- Experience/knowledge with high speed analog voltage and current measurement and digitization

- Experience/knowledge with embedded system and low level programming

 Please submit your CV to Olivier Roy



4. FPGA programmer /Montreal or Cardiff (UK)

The FPGA programmer's position would require:

 General knowledge of RF engineering and transistor testing;

 Experience in high speed, high data throughput FPGA applications;

 Experience in the following programming platforms - C++, C#, LabView;

 Experience with Xilinx platforms such as Virtex 6/7;

 Experience with National Instruments FPGA platforms (using LabView) is highly desirable

 Hardware/System design, incorporating both low level FPGA design and high level Windows application/API design is

 considered an important asset.

 Strong analytical skills, adaptability, and creativity.

 Strong English communication skills and the ability to work with others.

 Please contact: or