Differential Tuners

FOCUS Microwaves has developed the solution for load pulling the in-phase and out-of-phase signal paths of differential devices while injecting signals of equal amplitude and 180° phase relation.   

Based on FOCUS’s proven load pull technology for single ended devices, the Differential Microwave Tuner series (DMT) allows to synthesize differential impedances at the DUT’s input and output.


2 - 18 GHz

iDMT - 1820

8 - 50 GHz

iDMT - 5080




*The model number of each tuner is based on the frequency range and optional on the internal structure:

iCCMT-xxyy-zz where

« xx » = Maximum frequency [GHz]

« yy » = Minimum frequency [0.1GHz]

« zz » = Number of probes or other