Focus' Distinct Advantages

Focus Microwaves develops and manufactures all its products in its facility in Montreal. This, in addition to the superiority of most of our products and services, gives us a distinct advantage in response time for  special configurations to continuously changing Customer requirements.

In particular:

  • Fast Tuner Calibration

Our customers and own tests show that, using Focus calibration software you can calibrate multiple frequencies and finish in minutes, instead of hours. Longer frequency lists  can be finished in fractions of an hour instead of days (example: 115 frequencies on PNA-L in 30 minutes !)

  • Far better Automation Programming Libraries 

Beyond any doubt, from own experience and Customer testimonials, Focus' automation facility is far more complete and easy to employ, so that you may make the system perform complex tasks in your absence...

  • Mature Multi Harmonic Tuner Technology (Hard- and Soft)

Multi harmonic tuner technology has started at Focus in 1998 (with the "exchangeable resonator" system PHT). Since 10 years we also introduced the wideband harmonic system MPT. After dozens of iterations, in hardware and software, this technology is now mature. You can count on a unique, mature solution.

  • Simple-Low Cost-Upgradable Active Hybrid Harmonic Load Pull

We recognized the potential of the open loop active tuning technology to reach high Gamma and high testing speed; and we combined this with our mature existing wideband and harmonic tuning technology. The results are there for all to see and use. No other system performs to the same Cost/Benefit level and can be implemented as an upgrade to already existing hard and software.

  • Reliable Noise Parameter Extraction Algorithms ..0.3-67GHz

Our present measurement and noise parameter extraction technology, together with passive network verification and intrinsic noise model extraction, provide what all test engineers need in this critical and steadily more ambitious field: reliable results and confidence in the validity of the data.

  • Flexible, low-cost, customized on wafer integrations

We are offering our heavy-duty X-Y-Z tuner positioners compatible wih the commercial stations, but also  our wafer chucks with thermal option and entire manual and semi-automatic load pull probe stations (LPPS-3) which can handle all tuners, from 100MHz to 110GHz, with Theta adjustment and low-loss extended bent lines with tuner anti-tilting balancing mechanism.