Noise - NPEx

Focus has installed Noise Parameter measurement systems with continuous frequency coverage from 0.3 to 67GHz (see News-RFIC 2014).

Noise parameters are calculated from random source impedance measurements over a wide frequency range

using poroprietary parameter extraction algorithms (patents allowed and pending).

The user can consolidate the data to increase confidence using

a) The F50 method (noise figure measurements versus calculations at 50Ω, wideband)

b) Noise modeling (based on physical small signal circuit, pad de-embedding and intrinsic noise source extraction).


Noise Parameter options:

  • Includes all noise options Hot/Cold or Cold measurement method
  • Noise Cal Wizard
  • Multiple Noise extraction methods
  • Automated, wideband noise measurement and extraction
  • Noise Module Control
  • Multi-Bias measurement and extraction
  • Custom Impedance patterns for automated noise measurement