Pulsed IV

The Focus Pulsed IV System is an innovative, adaptable and affordable solution.

The Pulsed IV System is available as a Modular (MPIV) or as an Integrated (IPIV) solution. If you already have DC power supplies, computers and digital oscilloscopes MPIV is the most economic solution for you. The Focus Pulsed IV capability (PIV) is also configurable to a Pulsed Load Pull (PLP) setup when a pulsed RF source and Peak power meter are included.

Pulsed IV Systems comprise:

a high power OUTPUT PULSE MODULE (OPM), a low power INPUT PULSE MODULE (IPM), and additionally of two DC power supplies, a high speed oscilloscope for data acquisition and system software running on a Windows® computer.

Traditional Bias Tees, using an inductor in the DC path have low pass behavior. This distorts the current pulse driven through the bias tee into the DUT. Focus offers Alternative Bias Networks, designed for high speed pulses and high voltage and currents, the True Pulse Bias Tee family.

Key Features of the MPIV System:

  • High power capability (OPM): 0 to +200V, 19A
  • Minimum pulse width of 300ns (200ns physically) for IPM and OPM
  • Pulse rise time >20ns
  • External Trigger Pulse Jitter <10ns (option JL)
  • Modular design which enables multiple configurations
  • Shared library
  • The MPIV can be used as a standalone instrument, which easily integrates into existing test software
  • Flexible Input/Output
  • Choose between high power and high precision pulse modules to create a customized setup for your specific application
  • Compatible with Focus Microwaves’ device characterization software (WinPower, LP Explorer).

  Modular Pulsed I-V (MPIV)  

    Integrated Pulsed I-V (IPIV)             

High Voltage I-PIV